So what is the net worth of Zygi Wilf, the Minnesota Vikings owner, and should it matter as the team pushes for public subsidies for a new stadium?
Though Wilf’s net worth has not been made public, the current edition of Sports Illustrated puts the figure at $310 million, and says Wilf ranks 27th among a ranking of 32 National Football League owners.
Paul Allen, the owner of the Seattle Seahawks, tops the list at $12.9 billion, according to the magazine. Dan Rooney, the Pittsburgh Steelers’ owner, ranks last at $150 million.
Sen. Warren Limmer, R-Maple Grove, is one Minnesota legislator who thinks Wilf’s net worth may be fair game. “I think the real question is, what is the financial need of someone asking for help from state government to solve their private business problems?” he said.
“If that’s a legitimate question, then certainly it’s a valid question to ask Mr. Wilf,” Limmer added.
“We’re trying to solve financial issues [facing the state] that are gigantic,” he said. “[Does] a Vikings stadium  have a greater priority than our health care needs, nursing homes, education [or a] court system that already is being pushed to the limit that we may have to release people out of jails and prisons in order to balance a budget?”