A motorcyclist who was speeding from law enforcement a week ago in Minneapolis and crashed into a police squad car has died, officials said Friday.

The motorcyclist, identified earlier by HCMC as 24-year-old Dante Anthony Bjorklund, of Richfield, hit a stationary State Patrol vehicle late in the afternoon on June 14, the Minneapolis Police Department said.

While police disclosed that Bjorklund succumbed to his injuries, they did not say when he died.

Meggan Bjorklund said her son has donated organs to benefit four people, according to an online fundraising effort.

Police spokesman Brian Feintech said the motorcyclist was being pursued on Minneapolis highways, but the chase was called off once he entered residential streets in south Minneapolis.

Police did not say why the patrol began chasing the motorcycle, but emergency dispatch audio following the crash indicated the motorcycle was traveling at speeds over 100 miles per hour.

A patrol helicopter tracked the motorcycle until it crashed into the stationary patrol squad with its emergency lights activated at the intersection of S. Cedar Avenue and E. 51st Street, Feintech said.

Minneapolis police are leading the investigation into the crash, while the patrol is reviewing the circumstances of the pursuit.

Star Tribune staff writer Louis Krauss contributed to this story.