New Timberwolves guard Kevin Martin held a conference call with Twin Cities reporters on Saturday, a chat that for now will take the place of an introductory press conference because he had scheduling conflicts due to his basketball camp back home in Zanesville, Ohio, and vacations planned.

Here is some of what he said:

* When asked about the whole free-agency process and his decision to sign with the Wolves, he said, "It was my fiirst time being a free agent in my career, and I knew it would be a big decision. With Oklahoma City, where they were in a situation financially, I knew I had to look at other opportunities to pursue if that didn’t’ work out. Outside of OKC, Minnesota was at the top. I’m happy that it worked out and I was able to start a new chapter in my life.

* On whether he definitely expects Adelman to coach this season: "Yes, that’s the story I’ve heard through this whole process."

* He called playing beside summer-workout partner Corey Brewer a "perfect fit:" and when asked why, he said, "Because he’s 6-9, he has length and he’s a defensive-minded player. He does anything to win. You love to play with guys like that."

* He was given the chance with a question to praise Kevin McHale's coaching in Houston when asked to compare McHale and Adelman and didn't really bite: "Two different coaches. Everybody has their own style. Everything is an experience. I enjoyed the little bit of time I played for him."


* When asked what he expects from this Wolves team defensively, he said he has the same expectations as when he was in Oklahoma CIty. "We were a top three defensive team in the league. Defense is five guys playing into a system and putting the effort in on defense. That's what we need to do out there. I feel like we can do that. We don't have the Serge Ibakas, but we can still put in an effort out there and everybody is on the same page and helps one another and just goes from there."

* Asked if he was excited about the prospect of playing with Kevin Love,"I am. After playing with Kevin Durant and Russell (Westbrook), I wasn’t going to another team without a superstar. It just elevates your game and makes your life a lot easier. I also think Ricky (Rubio) will be a superstar in the league soon. It was an easy decision, and I’m excited to play with a guy like Kevin Love."

* He chose the Wolves' four-year offer worth nearly $28 million over a Thunder proposal that was significantly restricted by the luxury tax. Asked if he seriously considered returning to Thunder for relatively little money but the chance to win a championship, he said, "Always. I also feel like I found the same thing with Minnesota being younger. They've had some injuries over the years, but they're a good team, too. I made a decision and I think it's a great one. I learned from Oklahoma CIty, they're a great organization. The way KD and Russ approach the game, I  think that's something I'll bring to Minnesota."


* He tied Durant, btw, for most free-throws made (594) the last season he played for Adelman (2010-11) and hasn't approached getting to the line and making free throws like that since then. "It’s a product of roles. Last year I played as a third guy behind Kevin and Russ, which I loved because I feel like I got a year off from taking on that type of game. Now I feel like I’m ready to go back to that role where I can pick up a little bit more on the offensive end. Right now I feel great and I’m excited to get back into the system and I’m excited to play with such a good team and help get them back to the playoffs."