Lest you think that sort of breathless hot take professed in the headline comes from 1) me or 2) some sort of hot take factory site, let it be known that it comes from neither. Rather, it comes from the data-inclined Five Thirty Eight.

The numbers say Peyton Manning wasn’t just mediocre this year. They say he wasn’t just bad relative to his past performance. They say he wasn’t even just flat-out bad. They say he was historically bad when it comes to a Super Bowl QB: And the site reaches this conclusion: Manning’s “was by far the worst regular season by a Super Bowl starter since the merger.”

How’s teddy looking? Our Jason Gonzalez compares Teddy Bridgewater to other young Pro Bowl QBs on the Upload blog at startribune.com/sports.


escalated quickly Johnny Manziel’s tenure with the Browns was in trouble from the start. ESPN.com has a good timeline of his problems.