Back to school time is a time of establishing new schedules, routines and for some families, starting that tricky balancing act of chores for the kids. 

I like the fact that as my kids get older they can help with chores around the house. What I do not like is the harping on them, reminding them and the double checking business.

Which is why I think FamDoo is a genius solution to that whole "nagging" part of chores.

An even better part of the new app is that it is Minnesota born app. Created by Mark and Susan Lacek of South Minneapolis. They saw a way to reward their kids for chores without having to nag and without having to have cash on hand, admittedly one of my biggest faults when it comes to paying my kids for chores.

The two's app, aptly named FamDoo, solved the problem. Simply download the app {FREE!}, create an account and create task lists and points available per chore for each child to complete. It's in their court. The child decides not to do their chores, they don't earn any points. They do them, they earn points.

And what good are the points? 

That is where a unique partnership, thanks to loyalty program expert Mark Lacek, comes in handy. If you are a US Bank account holder, all those FlexPerks Points can be cashed in for points on the app which in turn are good for gift cards for your kids. Don't have US Bank or FlexPerks Points? No problem, you can purchase points {250 points cost $2.50} which are then redeemable for giftcards. {FamDoo allowance point purchases in any amount costs a flat-rate $2 fee}

The app and program is totally free to download and use and I love that you can decide if you would rather have the rewards be non-monetary or monetary. IE if they are earning a special activity versus an iTunes giftcard.

I recently decided to create an account and start adding tasks for our kids with the hopes that this fall even amidst school schedules and sports, they can really take ownership in completing their chores rather than ME harping on them to do them.

{Super easy, by the way.}

Do your kids do chores? Do you reward them or are they expected? 

Families interested in registering for FamDoo can get 250 free cash-value FamDoo promotional points (a $2.50 value) by using the BTS2014 code in the Referral Code field upon registration.  This referral code is valid one time per family upon the initial registration process only through Sept. 30, 2014. The promotional points will be deposited to the parent account of the newly registered family up to 7 business days after the date of registration. This offer is subject to change at any time without notice. This offer is subject to the general Terms of Use of the Service (see for these details).

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