I haven't been at this blogging for long. Yeah, I've been writing since 6th grade when I got my first piece published in the school literary magazine; a mimeographed compilation of painfully self-conscious student scribblings. But even now I still experience a little thrill followed by a larger quantity of panic whenever I see my words in print, and now online.

I haven't written the next great American novel. For a long time I bought into the image of the tortured artist; an isolated, probably substance-abusing, self-absorbed individual bent upon producing deep and profound musings about life. I knew that I wanted a more dull and normal life; husbands, kids, home and of course...garden.

Then heck, one day, it was like the peanut butter bumping into the chocolate: I could write about gardening. Duh.

Always focusing on the husband, kids, home and in a big way...the garden, I haven't been the most prolific or highly paid writer but it keeps me out of trouble. I thought about blogging for a long time before actually doing it. I knew I didn't want to start and then stop posting, leaving a stale blog hanging on the internet, unattended, like so many you'll find.

Now that I've started I find myself with two blogs!. In addition to this one, my first blog, The Garden Buzz, has been a joy to write, the subjects never ending, I just walk out the door and around the garden, and something pops up.

When I began with Your Voices, I wondered about the direction I should go; merely repeat the garden blog or expand upon the nature aspect? The Star Trib wanted a community vibe. Since I don't live in the hip and happenin' city, just the western burbs, I felt that the nature angle was a good way to go. New to Minnesota, I was getting used to and enjoying the critters that I meet everyday, and so for the most part I've shared that.

I've also included a bit about my other passion; the University Extension Master Gardener program that I've been volunteering in for the past 10 years, wherever I've lived.

Occasionally I've ventured totally off-topic and surprisingly those posts have been the most commented-upon!

So here I find myself at the Garden Writer's Symposium in Dallas. It's a time for networking and learning. During this down time on the blog...I wondered what you all think. What do you want to see in this blog? Carry on with the garden/nature thing, it is for the most part a pretty safe path. Or would you like to see something else. I'd love to hear from you.


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