After missing Sunday's camp-opening practice due to illness, Lynx guard Lindsay Whalen was back Monday. And, in her return, she got to meet the Lindsey Moore, the team's top draft pick and self-professed Lindsay Whalen fan.

So what's it like to be someone's favorite player, and to have that player on your team? Well, other than reminding Whalen of her advanced years, it was kind of cool.

"I think it's something we all aspire to be, for the next group to come up and want to maybe be like you," Whalen said. "Or to see you as role model."

It also points up the advancing nature of the women's game, Whalen said. The WNBA didn't come into existence until Whalen was in the ninth grade. So she grew up watching the NBA, and Charles Barkley was her favorite player growing up.

"The Phoenix Suns were my favorite team until we got (Kevin Garnett) here to the Target Center," Whalen said. "Then (the Timberwolves) were my favorite team. Thing is, we didn't have the WNBA. By the time I was in the ninth grade you'd already had so many years of watching the NBA.''

As opposed to Moore, who had the opportunity to watch the NBA from the time she was little.

Meanwhile, in other news from today's workout:

--Jacki Gemelos missed the second half of practice after tweaking her right quadriceps muscle. She hopes to return to practice Tuesday.

--Seimone Augustus is scheduled to join the team for Friday's practice, Rebekkah Brunson for Sunday's practice.

--Lynx coach Cheryl Reeve said she is working hard with the team as it adapts to the new defensive three-second rule, which prevents defenders from planting themselves in the paint to defend the basket. Reeve is convinced that rule – along with the extended three-point line -- will be big positives for the Lynx. "I like it a lot, especially with our ability to penetrate," Reeve said. "We're running all the high pick stuff. And we have players who can really turn the corner and suck the defense in. If you don't come out, we'll score a layup. And if you do, we have players who can space the floor. So I've liked what I've seen there."

That's about it for today. Have a good afternoon.