The Yeedi K650, a new pet- and kid-friendly robot vacuum, does the chore better than others I've used that cost significantly more. App-controlled (or by voice through Alexis and Google Home), it has two silicone tangle-free brushes, a main brush to sweep dirt into the suction area, and a large dustbin for less emptying.

A pair of big wheels help navigate different heights, which is handy going from floors to carpeting. A filter in the trash bin can be replaced (replacement included along with a small brush that comes in handy to clean out the trash bin).

Setting up the app is straightforward. Download it, create a free private account, and pair the vacuum.

There are three modes on the home screen: Edge cleaning handles all the corners and edges, where pet hair and dirt seem to gather. Auto mode cleans the whole house for up to 130 minutes, which is how long the built-in rechargeable 2600mAh battery will last. With the spot mode, if a small area requires cleaning, just put it in that area and start it up. When the area is clean, the vacuuming will stop.

My house is mostly hardwood but there are area rugs and mats outdoors. During the auto mode, the vacuum didn't get stuck on anything. Anti-drop and anti-collision sensors help keep the vacuum from knocking into walls and furniture (and small children) or from falling down the stairs. (, $150)