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Shari L. Gross
VideoVideo (02:54): Episode 4 of Fact Frenzy: Baby, you're a (trivia) star!

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Fact Frenzy, Minnesota Movies and Music Edition

1. In the 1992 movie The Mighty Ducks, hockey player Adam Banks is repeatedly called “cake eater” by his teammates because he hails from which Minnesota town?
Eden Prairie

2. This year, Actress Winona Ryder profiled her hometown of Winona, Minn., in a Super Bowl commercial for what company?
Rocket Mortgage
Squarespace (CORRECT)

3. In the movie Fargo, the character Jerry Lundegaard is named after which Minnesotan?
A Star Tribune film critic (CORRECT)
A notorious criminal
A high school teacher
A prominent athlete

4. Where did Prince go to middle school?
Folwell Middle School
Bryant Junior High School (CORRECT)
Sanford Middle School
Phillips Junior High School

5. What was the name of Lizzo’s first solo album, recorded in Minnesota?
Lizzobangers (CORRECT)
Grrrl Prty
Cuz I Love You
Big Grrrl Small World

6. First Avenue originally started as what?
A Greyhound bus depot (CORRECT)
A post office
A police station
A basketball venue for the Minneapolis Lakers