The issues and what happened (and didn't)

Budget PASS

Taxes: DFL scuttled the GOP plan for $2 billion in tax cuts, but there's $1 billion left over to fight about next time.

The big picture: Minnesota will spend $41.65 billion during the next two years, up 4.85 percent from the previous two.

Drivers: Education and health care, well more than half the state budget, continue to drive costs.

Transportation FAIL

Nothing doing: Both sides had big multibillion dollar plans, with the DFL pushing a gas tax increase and the GOP wanting to take from the general fund. They couldn't agree.

Nothing? They did increase the fine for a second offense for texting while driving to $225 and mandated plans to better time city traffic light signals. Gr8!

Environment UNRESOLVED

Buffers: Dayton and the Republican House compromised on a plan for buffers to protect the state's waterways from pollutants, but Dayton vetoed the overall bill over other objections.

Citizens be gone: The Pollution Control Agency Citizens' Board was eliminated, one of many provisions Dayton objected to.

Sunday Liquor FAIL

Sunday sales: The Sunday sellers got more votes this time and they think they have momentum, but the powerful coalition of liquor stores and cities beat them back again.

Growlers and bloodies: But if you're desperate, you can now buy a growler of beer on Sunday from a taproom, or start your Sunday right with a bloody mary at 8 a.m. instead of 10.


Universal Pre-K: Unresolved. Dayton is demanding it. The Republican House and DFL Senate declined. To be settled in the upcoming special session.

Teacher seniority: Despite lots of noise on last-in, first-out rules for teacher layoffs, the teachers union beat it back, though anything can be a bargaining chip in a special session. criminal justice PASS

Protecting privacy: Legislators agreed cops can store location data from license plate readers for 60 days.

No on voting: A bipartisan push for felon voting rights died, but supporters believe they have momentum for next year.

Suppressed: Lawmakers legalized firearm "silencers" like the device above, used as a demonstration during testimony.

Health care overhaul FAIL

MinnesotaCare: The public health insurance program for 90,000 working poor survived a challenge by Republicans.

MNsure too: A task force will decide what to do with the two programs.

Good news: Spinal cord injuries got some research funding.

Miscellany PASS

Fire retardant no more: After bagpiping in the Capitol hallways, firefighters helped pass the toughest flame retardant ban in the nation because they say the chemicals are unsafe and ineffective.

Shocked! Shocked! The Legislature stopped the State Lottery from selling tickets online, at gas station pumps and ATMs.