In case you read Stu's Hunt Down on Rashad McCants but didn't get to see the ensuing Twitter conversation we had with Mr. McCants, please let us summarize for you now:

*McCants took exception initially to the post, calling it "rumors" and "hearsay" (to be fair, those are right in Stu's wheelhouse and are kind of like facts). He ended the post with "WINNING."

*We told him it was all in good Stu fun and offered to show him our McCants jersey as some sort of proof (we really do have one).

*We started to make peace, with McCants saying, "it's all good. I've seen worse. I'd rather see the truth. And help you win the Pulitzer prize. Lies conquer the minds of the weak."

*Being very much interested in winning the Pulitzer, we reiterated our offer of a guest post.

That's pretty much where we stand now. The offer hasn't been directly rejected, nor has it been accepted. We will continue to monitor the situation.