Security cameras often have just one or two really cool features, but the new Hoop Cam ($60) and Hoop Cam Plus ($80) offer everything I want: high-quality video, face recognition, a companion application, custom profiles, GeoFencing and storage options for cloud ($13 per month for the first three cameras) or your own microSD memory cards. And it comes at a fair price.

Not long ago, setting up a home security system was complex, but Hoop makes it as easy as it can get. Download the app (iOS and Android), which includes a security code to confirm that you are you. It then walks you through setting up a profile with simple step-by-step instructions for when you are home, away or on high alert. Different settings can be used for day or night, both with notifications.

Each model features 1080p wireless video streaming, night vision, motion-sensing technology and two-way audio from the camera to the app. The Plus adds motorized 350-degree panning and 45-degree tilt. Video clips are in a scrollable list for that day, or you can go to a previous day. Features include integration with Google Home and Alexa.

They look cool, too, with an edgy, modern appearance so your house won’t look like a bank lobby. Both cameras are available in red, gray and white (