Mechanical keyboards are having a renaissance. Most of the new ones are large and aimed at gamers. But there’s a much smaller one called the Taptek from Vinpok.

The Taptek has key spacing equal to the keyboard on a MacBook Pro. The design is minimal, but the backlighting will hit you. Each key has an RGB (multicolor) LED, and you can scroll through 19 backlight modes, some of which put on quite a light show.

The Taptek can be used wired via microUSB cable or wirelessly via Bluetooth and is compatible with Windows or Macintosh computers as well as iOS and Android devices. You can program it for three devices.

The Taptek keyboard is available for preorder on Indiegogo or by going to and searching for Taptek.

The keyboard will eventually retail for $199, but the limited-time early bird price is $89. That may rise a bit, depending on demand. Shipping will begin in January 2019.

TCL 6-SERIES 4K LCD TV $649.99

New model hands down best TV for price

The TCL 6-Series has a lot going for it, including a great-looking 4K UHD panel with high dynamic range. It’s powered by the Roku operating system, which means all Roku streaming channels are available right on the TV’s home screen alongside other inputs.

The 6-Series’ LCD panel can display HDR (high dynamic range) video, which is a way to capture and display video that includes more contrast and color. There are a few variants of HDR, and the 6-Series can display HDR10 and Dolby Vision. You will see a little badge appear on the screen for a few seconds when the TV senses it is showing HDR video.

Yet the keyboard travels well and the clicketyclack is not too loud.

TCL also uses a technology called Contrast Control Zones. The 55-inch set (at $649.99) has 96 different zones on the screen. The 65-inch set (at $999.99) has 120 contrast control zones. This technology enables a wider range of contrast for blacker blacks with a contrast ratio of more than 12,000-1.

Its cons: You need a wide cabinet because the feet are at its edge. There is some panel inconsistency and only average speakers. Input changes also were a bit slow.

But the bottom line is it’s the best TV for the price.