Following the two-week run of the excellent Austrian neo-noir hit "The Bone Man," Minnesota Film Arts is showcasing two earlier Detective Brenner films based on the novels by Wolf Haas. The first in the Brenner series, "Come, Sweet Death" (2001), opens Friday, and "Silentium" (2004) opens June 25. All three films star comedian (and co-writer) Josef Hader, who portrays the sickly, dry ex-detective Brenner. "Come, Sweet Death" finds Brenner working as paramedic, when he discovers separate mysteries and crazy shenanigans within his and a rival's ambulance companies in Vienna. "Come, Sweet Death" is a solid start to the series. Even if there are a few too many characters and subplots crammed in, director Wolfgang Murnberger achieves terrific laughs with another zig-zagging story line and an irresistible turn by Hader, whose moustache deserves its own billing. (Unrated. In subtitled German.)