The Republican Party of Minnesota is seeking a waiver from rules governing the 2016 Republican National Convention which would bind Minnesota delegates to support the winner of the presidential preference ballot at Republican precinct caucuses. 

Bill Jungbauer, the chair of the 2nd Congressional District Republicans and a member of the State Executive Committee of the Republican Party of Minnesota, said party leadership would be discussing concerns with the current rules for the 2016 Republican National Convention at the next meeting of the State Executive Committee on February 26, 2014.

According to state law, a preference ballot will be conducted for president at precinct causes.

Rule changes made at the 2012 Republican National Convention and later amended by the RNC, require that the results of the presidential preference ballot at Republican precinct caucuses "must be used to allocate and bind the state’s delegation to the national convention in either a proportional or winner-take-all manner." 

In previous years, Minnesota delegates to the Republican National Convention were not bound by the results of the presidential preference ballot conducted at precinct caucuses. The bulk of the Minnesota delegates to the Democratic National Convention are required to support the winner of the presidential preference ballot conducted at DFL precinct caucuses.

Additional rules by the national parties for nominating presidential candidates in 2016 triggered the chairs of the Minnesota DFL and Republican Party of Minnesota today to notify Minnesota Secretary of State Steve Simon of their joint decision to schedule precinct caucuses for March 1, 2016.

The Democratic National Convention in 2016 will be held in Philadelphia and Cleveland will host the Republican National Convention.