Wolves interim coach Sam Mitchell just got done talking win the media. And one of the things he stressed before the Wolves'’ game with Phoenix this afternoon is that he is not frustrated by his team’s losing streak.

Minnesota has lost nine straight and 13 of 14.

Mitchell isn’t happy about the losses. But he reiterated his confidence in the path the Wolves are taking, namely one of development. And he can see consistent development from his players.

Much of what he said today was similar to what he said Saturday after practice. But today he went a step further, addressing his future with the team.

“I understand the right thing to do is difficult at times,” he said. “I’m never going to change. I’ve been through it as a player, and a coach. You hope the powers that be….Glen Taylor and the players, understand we’re committed to doing the right thing. Because we have to grow this thing the right way. If I don’t do the right things today, somewhere in the near future we’ll never be where we want to be.’’

At this point Mitchell directly addressed his situation as interim coach.

“It’s bigger than me. It may turn out that I’m here to see it,’’ he said of the team developing into a winner. “But it may turn out that I’m not. But the people in this league know there is a certain way we have to do this. And we understand that. And if I’m not a big boy enough to do it, I shouldn’t be standing here talking to you guys.’’

Meanwhile, Mitchell said he expects Kevin Martin – who missed Oklahoma City game due to illness – should play tonight.

That’s about all for now. I’ll get back to you after the game.