How to feed picky kids

• Have the kids pick out new fruits and vegetables to sample.

• Have the kids grow some of their dinnertime vegetables in a family garden.

• Have them help with meal prep.

• Introduce a new food by repetition, repetition, repetition. Sometimes the newness of a food, whether taste or texture, is what throws off children. Insist that they sample the food each time.

• Teach your children how to cook.

• Have older children help plan the menu.

• Cook one meal for all and call it a day. Don't be a short-order cook. Just because children are picky doesn't mean you have to cater to them. If they're hungry, they will eat enough to survive.

• Introduce new recipes to them to broaden their culinary experience, just as you would any nonpicky child.

• Keep healthful food in the house. If you don't want your children to eat junk food, don't have it readily available.