An annual local hip-hop tradition on par with the Fifth Element parking lot sale and Soundset booker J Bird’s calls to A Tribe Called Quest, Rhymesayers issued a new single today featuring Slug and the other three rappers taking part in Atmosphere’s upcoming Welcome to Minnesota Tour. Titled “Color in the Snow,” the guests are, in order of appearance: Dem Atlas, Joe Horton (of No Bird Sing) and Toki Wright.

As usual, the tune is laced with Minne-centric lyrics, including Slug’s line about being “from Minnesota, but I don’t shoot deer,” or this laugher from Toki Wright: “It’s me and Garrison Keillor on the four-wheeler sipping tequila.” We’re not sure, but we think the color referred to in the song's title might be yellow -- which really makes this about a true Minnesotan anthem.

Tickets are still on sale to the Feb. 12-17 Welcome to Minnesota shows in Mankato, Duluth, Rochester and Fargo (but not Minneapolis).