Fox 9’s “Jason Show” is testing the market for going national in June.

Jason Matheson, who was out in LA, for the “American Idol” finale, spilled the beans Tuesday while doing a celebrity gossips segment on “Hollywood Today Live” with Ross Mathews.

Matheson made a joke about one of those “Housewives” shows being worth watching because a castmember has new boobs, and Mathews said, “This is the kind of stuff you talk about on your new show.”

Matheson talked up the regular people angle of his show, which will celebrate an anniversary this August, and then Mathews led the witness beautifully: “What about the people who don’t live in Minneapolis and want some more of this?”

“This is the first time I’ve said this on TV so this is like a little fun moment. We found out the show is getting a national test in June, to the beginning of July. So it’s going to be on FOX stations across the country. We don’t know which stations yet.”

Congrats. I am guessing that New York and LA will be test sites as well as Chicago, Dallas?

Details anon.

Congratulations, Jason!


To contact C.J. try and to see her check out the “Jason Show” on Fox 9, although Wednesday I’l be on the “Buzz” because Jason’s in LaLaLand.