Re: Jon Bream's review of Barry Manilow at Xcel Center

As a concert enthusiast, I felt compelled to say "thank you" for a wonderful review of the Barry Manilow show. While I wasn't one of the grandmas or moms "gone wild," I was there with my husband, a fellow classic-rock aficionado, paying tribute to a music legend. While Barry doesn't fall into our favorite classic-rock category, we simply had to see him. The next morning I tried to explain to my mom what it was like to be there, but there were no words I could convey that topped your account of the show and of the crowd. You so eloquently captured the aliveness in the arena that night, and your writing makes readers feel as though they are within the first 10 rows, feeling it all and dancing along with everyone. And your humor shines through so beautifully.



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