I went to the produce department in Wal-Mart in Bloomington today. In several locations Wal-Mart had posted bright green signs saying "We support local farmers. Look for locally grown produce."


So I looked. And looked. I but found nothing labeled "grown in Minnesota." (Wal-Mart defines local produce as grown and sold in the same state, according to Consumerist.) I looked for tomatoes, apples, onions or potatoes grown locally because those crops have been in good supply at farmer's markets recently.


Finally, I asked two employees who were re-stocking produce. The only way to know if it's local is to check the box when it's being unpacked, one employee said. There are no labels but on individual produce, but signs might be posted near the display.

I applaud Wal-Mart's desire to increase the amount of local food it sells to nine percent, but it seems the company gain more of the public's trust  if products are labeled. It's possible that many times the local produce is labeled but employees weren't sure

Has anyone bought produce at Wal-Mart that  was labeled "locally grown"? Any Minnesota farmers who are selling to the discounter and want to weigh in?