A memorandum from State Senator David Tomassoni's (DFL-Chisholm), which discusses upcoming meetings related to his new job as Executive Director of the Range Association of Municipalities and Schools (RAMS), shows Tomassoni is doing work for RAMS during the current legislative session. 

Tomassoni had previously made public statements that he would not be starting his job with RAMS until after the legislative session. Tomassoni's employment agreement with RAMS also states that he "will take a leave of absence" during the legislative session. 

The decision by Tomassoni to accept a new job with RAMS while continuing to serve in the Minnesota Senate has generated widespread criticism since his hiring was announced earlier this month.

Tomassoni responded to the initial allegations of a potential conflict of interest by claiming he would not be starting his job with RAMS until after the legislative session.

Tomassoni's memorandum, which was included in over 100 pages of documents for an upcoming meeting of the Ely City Council and is addressed to "RAMS Board, Members, & Associate Members" is also less definitive about RAMS hiring a lobbyist for the legislative session.

Tomassoni included "potential lobbyist hiring" as one of the subjects to be discussed at a RAMS board meeting. But in materials provided to the Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board last week, Tomassoni's attorney echoed his assertions that RAMS would be hiring a lobbyist.

Tomassoni did not respond to an e-mail sent to him late tonight requesting a comment about his memorandum. I will have more information on this story tomorrow, so please check back for updates. 

Picture source: Minnesota Senate

David Tomassoni Memorandum to RAMS by Michael Brodkorb