You can summon Alexa at the push of a button

Looking for the perfect gift? A small, can-shaped Bluetooth speaker that is equipped with Amazon’s Alexa voice service, the Fabriq, is a smaller version of Amazon’s Echo Tap. It is battery-powered and you need to press a button to invoke Alexa.

It also has Wi-Fi so you can wirelessly connect several Fabriq speakers to play music throughout your home.

This speaker is an inexpensive way to get Alexa and to get multiroom audio.


This gadget helps find your keys — or remote

A good stocking stuffer, the Tile has been a popular Bluetooth locator for a few years. Attach one to your keychain — or luggage or remote control — and you will have instant help locating your keys with the companion smartphone app. Press a button in the app and your Mate will sound a ringtone.

The original Tile has been replaced by the smaller Tile Mate, which has a non-replaceable battery that lasts a year before you send the Mate back for replacement (at a discount).


Light your hallway with the outlet cover

The SnapPower Guidelight is a replacement cover for your outlets that have LED lights to provide a night light. The lights are controlled by electric eye. They will only light up when it is dark in your room.

Installation takes just a few seconds. It really is as easy as taking off your existing plug cover and popping on the SnapPower. You don’t even need to turn off the power.

For $20, there is also a SnapPower plate with a USB port to charge your phone or tablet.


Next-generation scooter has iPhone app

You have seen hoverboards. Well, the Jetson V6 Active Balance E-Scooter is a nicer version of the ones from last year. They are available from Target and powered by Samsung Lithium-Ion battery. They have a 15-mile range and top out at 10 miles per hour. A smartphone app enables features like Bluetooth music streaming and customizing the LED light color. The app can also track speed and travel distance.