Juicy news

In the juice aisle at one of his regular supermarkets, Mr. Tidbit recently stumbled upon several new V8 products. Unlike some other V8s, such as Splash and Fusion, there doesn't seem to be a name for this line, but the V8 website's descriptions suggest its use as an innovative bar mixer. There's Mint & Lime V8 (a Bloody Mojito is suggested), Sea Salt & Clam V8 (Bloody Caesar or Michelada) and Spicy Mango V8 (Mango Margarita).

To clarify, each of these beverages is an additionally flavored V8-style blend of vegetable juices. Spicy Mango, for example, is water, concentrated juices of tomatoes and sweet potatoes, salt, natural flavors, the usual this-and-that, and mango purée and habanero pepper purée. It is 75 percent juice.

Also new, but with a different label design, is V8 Bloody Mary Mix. Under "Bloody Mary Mix" is the bannered word "Original," suggesting there could soon be other flavors of V8 Bloody Mary Mix. So in addition to the new Mint & Lime V8, with which you can make a Bloody Mojito, apparently we might soon see V8 Bloody Mary Mix/ Mint & Lime, with which, maybe, you could make a Bloodier Mojito.

All four of these new products come in 46-ounce bottles, with the same shelf price as regular V8.

Slimming bottle

Mr. Tidbit also visited the discount-store juice aisle, simply to price Ocean Spray's new (slightly hard to find) Wave, the 5 percent juice product he had found there and mentioned last week. He had lost his notes on Wave, and he wanted to compare prices with Ocean Spray products containing more actual juice.

So: At that cut-price store it's $1.99 for a 64-ounce bottle — 3.1 cents per ounce). The 64-ounce bottle of Ocean Spray's 15 percent juice Cran-Raspberry drink at that store is $2.49 — 3.9 cents per ounce.

It was only when Mr. Tidbit picked up the bottle of Ocean Spray's Cranberry Raspberry 100 percent juice that he noticed it wasn't the 64 ounces he was expecting; it (and the other Ocean Spray 100 percent juices) had quietly shrunk to only 60 ounces. Assuming that the shelf price ($2.99) was the same when the bottle held 64 ounces (a pretty good bet), the 4.7 cents-per-ounce price had silently increased to 5 cents.

Al Sicherman