For past generations, squirrel hunting was the gateway to becoming a lifelong hunter. While that traditional path has been replaced by more glamorous species like deer and turkey, squirrel hunting still matters. The best multi-species hunters and all-around woodsmen arguably are squirrel hunters. Squirrels are extremely challenging to hunt. These artful dodgers have exceptional eyesight and enough speed, agility and natural wariness to challenge the most seasoned hunters. Squirrel hunting teaches the skills and temperament you’ll need to hunt other species: patience, persistence, self-discipline, as well as the art of stealth. Fewer people are hunting squirrels nowadays, which means opportunities, on public and private land, abound. Despite rumors to the contrary, squirrels are easy to clean and excellent to eat. Try hunting squirrels in early fall. The worst that can happen is spending a peaceful day in the woods.

Tori McCormick