Ken's Tackle Has Shiners for Opener! Wow! What a relief...

This is great news, as shiners have come and gone in most cases. Because of the early warm up, shiners have moved out to deeper waters and are very hard to find. We are happy to say that we can service you and your fishing party.

Why shiners? Shiners are a natural bait for walleyes, and is the premier bait for fishing opener. The best presentation is a shiner, slip sinker and Lindy jig.

Look for walleyes in 6 to 20 feet of water. But don't be afraid to try leaches or crawlers as well, the water temp is around 50 degrees these days making it a hit and miss on what will work best.

Walleyes will be scattered around the lake, but try the sunken island and flats in the middle of Otter Tail Lake. You should be able to find walleyes there.

Weather is looking great! Expecting 60 to 70's - so not only fishing will be great - but you'll enjoy the day that much better.

Ken's Tackle is open 24 hours during opener. So stop on in and we'll help you get ready for one of the best openers in a long time!

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