Lindsey Buckingham wasn't as manic as usual. Stevie Nicks sang better than usual (clearer, less croaky and able to reach more high notes). The rhythmic section was as terrific as usual. And Christine McVie was back to her old steady, radiant self on keyboards and vocals. All of that was explained in my review of Fleetwood Mac's tour-opening concert Tuesday at Target Center.

Nicks didn't do her dervish dancing much, just as couple of spins on "Rhiannon" and on seven or eight spins in sloooo-moooootion during "Gypsy." Even if she wasn't very witchy, she seemed in good spirits. Buckingham was wired but less physically all over the stage, though at the end of his vocal numbers he either blurted out a satisfying "arrrrrggggh" or stomped animatedly in place.

Yes, as Mick Fleetwood said: "Fer sure, the Mac is back."

Here is Fleetwood Mac's set list from Tuesday:

Chain/You Make Lovin Fun/ Dreams/ Second Hand News/ Rhiannon/ Everywhere/ I Know I'm Not Wrong/ Tusk/ Sisters of the Moon/ Say You Love Me/ Seven Wonders/ acoustic set: Big Love/ Landslide/ Never Going Back/ full band: Over My Head/ Gypsy/ Little Lies/ Gold Dust/ I'm So Afraid/ Go Your Own Way ENCORE: World Turning/ Don't Stop/ Silver Springs/ Songbird