State Rep. Jeremy Kalin, DFL-North Branch, announced Tuesday he would not seek re-election this fall.

HIs district swings politically. In 2008, he won it 53-47 percent and it voted 59-40 for Democratic U.S. Rep. Jim Oberstar but the district also voted for Republicans Norm Coleman for Senate and Republican presidential candidate John McCain. In 2006, Kalin had a 204-vote victory over his Republican opponent.

Here's what Kalin said about his decision:

"Serving in the Minnesota House of Representatives is an incredible honor. I've been lucky enough to earn the trust of my neighbors all across Chisago County for two terms. I'm confident that I would have won their trust for another term, but my name won't be on the ballot in November.

"My wife and I were married during my first year in office. For 2 and a half years, we've managed the very hectic life of a State Representative from Chisago County and an ob-gyn physician delivering babies 45 miles away in Minneapolis. We've decided to take a break from campaigns and elected office and enjoy our lives together, while we can still call ourselves 'newlyweds.'

"Public service is in my blood. I am sure that the call to serve our great state will be present throughout my life. For now, I am focused on the task at hand in the legislative session - Minnesota's short- and long-term economic recovery. I cannot say 'Thank You' often enough to the voters of Chisago County for the chance to be their voice in the Minnesota House. It is truly a privilege in every sense of the word."

For the Twitterati:

The emailed press release came through before Kalin's tweet announcement of his retirement -- "I announced today that I will not be running for reelection in 2010. But much work still to do for MN in 2010."

When teased about that Kalin responded, "I pride myself on only being a few months behind. Btw, see that "pants on the ground thing?" I hear it's all the rage!"