With so many people working from home, one challenge is creating a productive work environment, especially if there is more than one working adult in the household. Where do you begin? And how do you create a work environment that is pleasant as well as productive? Here are some tips:


1. Create your home office in a room with a window, if possible. Natural light plays a role in creating the ideal work environment.

2. Try to create a separate work room, if possible. Depending on your home environment, additional privacy may be needed.

3. Ventilate your space periodically throughout the day. Fresh air goes a long way toward creating a healthy environment.

4. Try to make your home work environment soothing and calm. From textures and textiles to colors that make you feel calm, transform your space into an oasis.

5. Choose a comfortable work chair. While workspaces and desks are important as far as comfort, a comfortable work chair should top your list.

6. Try to store documents away from your work surface when possible. Keeping your work area neat and tidy will also help keep the creative juices flowing.

7. Integrate colors you love into your space. Does the color orange make you happy? Does the color blue make you calm and relaxed? Color can play a role in creating the right mood and tone.

8. Looking for space-saving solutions?  Consider creating your workspace in a currently occupied area of your home, such as a bedroom, or use a slim or convertible piece of furniture, such as a table that transforms into a desk.

9. Repurpose the guest bedroom. Often guest bedrooms go unused except for a few times a year. Why not turn every room of your home into a productive space?

10. Bring in living elements such as plants and trees. Greenery will bring life to your space, as well as circulate oxygen.

Cathy Hobbs, based in New York City, is a TV host and interior design and home staging expert.