Couldn't get a loan modification and lost your house? You're not alone. By a long shot.

A new study shows that at least 800,000 homeowners unnecessarily went through the foreclosure process because of a failed loan modification. ProPublica, a journalism advocacy group, cited a new study that says that disorganization, understaffing and other internal banking problems prevented an estimated 800,000 homeowners from avoiding foreclosure. These are homeowners who might have qualified for the government's HAMP (home affordable modification program) program. (Click on this link to see the story).

The report found that some banks were better at others when it came to navigating the voluntary HAMP process, which used financial incentives to encourage banks to participate. The study was commissioned to determine the impact - and missed opportunities - of HAMP.

If you're a struggling homeowner, or are interested in buying a house in the Twin Cities, a non-profit called the Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America (NACA) is holding a free five-day event aimed at helping homeowners navigate the loan modifiation process. The group will also provide information about a special home-buying program even for those with less-than-perfect credit. The American Dream Event starts Friday. Click here for details and registration info.




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