PIXIE POINT $49.99 for two-pack

A tile to help keep track of your stuff

We have all seen those little trackers you attach to your keys or slip in a bag. The Pixie Point is a tracker that uses Bluetooth LE and augmented reality to keep track of your valuables and to help you quickly, and visually, find them.

The Pixie works in pairs. To get things going, download and install the iOS app so the two communicate. One needs to be by your iPhone (Android support coming later in 2017). Then you will be instructed to pair the other Pixie and give it a name, like “keys,” and put it into service.

Pixie is giving away an iPhone case that has a cavity on the rear to house its tracker, and I would recommend using it. I didn’t receive such a case to test, so I stuck the Pixie to an old iPhone case.

If you misplace your keys at home, you then call up the Pixie app and touch “Keys” from the list.

The app will ask you to do a panoramic scan of the area. You will hold the phone out in front of you and sweep from left to right, just like taking a panoramic picture. When the app is finished scanning, you will see an approximation of how far the item is from you and in which direction.

If you tip the phone horizontal with the floor, you will switch from augmented reality mode to “metal detector” mode that points you in the right direction, counts down the feet and inches, and beeps faster as you get warmer.

The beep will be steady when you are within a foot of your item.

Pixie says it can find items up to 150 feet away, but indoors it’s more like 30 to 50 feet because of walls and other obstructions.

The Pixie is disposable. Its sealed design means you can’t change the battery when it runs out in a year or so — you will have to buy a new one.



Allowing a return to snail mail (sometimes)

This iOS app creates cool postcards ($2.50 for each) that you send through the U.S. Postal Service.

The app prints and sends a card with a square image and three lines of text to the recipient within two to seven business days.

You don’t even have to hit a mailbox.

Pixinotes are printed on quality paper and look great. There is also a cute airmail-themed envelope.

One caveat: The handle and profile pic you choose will be on the card. If you are sending a note to or from your family, you might want to choose a profile picture and handle that represent your group instead of one person. If we could save additional profiles in the app and not switch the photos and name before each use, that would be a great additional feature.