The coldest nation on Earth? Russia, followed by Canada, Mongolia, Finland and Iceland. The United States gets an honorable mention.

According to the cold, dark days of midwinter can put additional stress on relationships. Between the end of the holidays and Valentine's Day, couples are more than twice as likely to split up. Why? Holidays are stressful (no kidding) and lower energy levels during cold weather makes people moodier.

I'm trying to hold my tongue because this will be one of the coldest weeks of winter. Highs reach single digits and teens into the weekend; at least three nights below zero. Not close to record-setting, but cold enough for anyone with a pulse.

One upside: Our coldest days tend to be sunny. Our lakes are too small to spark lake-effect clouds and snow, with the exception of Superior. By my calculations we've picked up an additional 78 minutes of daylight since Dec. 21.

Long-range models show 20s returning next week; a shot at 40F again in less than two weeks. This too shall pass.