This morning, checking in for a doctor's appopointment I heard the gentleman in line next to me say, "Did you know that a duck's quack doesn't echo?" He was talking to a receptionist. I turned and said, with emphasis, "What!? That's nonsense."

"No, really, a duck's quack doesn't echo."


"It's true. I read it on the Internet, a list of 28 things you probably don't know."

For sure, I did not know that.

He pulled his cell phone from a pocket and began to search for proof. 

He also told me, while he thumbed his phone, that in the chariot race scene in the movie "Ben Hur," Charton Heston, holding the reins in one of the chariots, is wearing a wrist watch. 

I left before he found his proof.

At home I saw that the duck question is Googled very often. You type in "duck quack" and Google automatically provides the word "echo."

It explains that ducks don't quack loud enough to produce an echo, and rarely are near reflecting surfaces.

In case you wondered.

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