If you'll recall, this past January a Packers fan named Casey Lewis went viral with a video (now more than 2 million views) of her crying over Green Bay's NFC playoff loss to the Gaints. The blame for loss? According to her, it was her sparkly nail polish and her Clay Matthews jersey. We talked to her at the time, and among other things, Lewis said, "I think I'm going to have to change things up. I'll go back to the Rodgers jersey" when asked about the plan for the 2012 season.

Fast-forward to Monday: Green Bay gets hosed.

Fast-forward to Tuesday: We give Lewis a call, and here's what we find out:

RB: How's it going today?

CL: I think I'm more upset today than I was after the Giants game. If Vikings fans and Bears fans can tell me it's a bad call, I know it is bad.

RB: What on earth did you do to your nails to cause this?

CL: They're pink. So I don't know what I did. I avoided sparkles. There's no sparkle. Maybe it's the purple I have on my toes. That's kind of a Seattle color.

RB: Well, it's definitely a Vikings color.

CL: I didn't even think about that.

RB: The Packers are 1-3 since you painted your nails sparkly. You know that, right?

CL: Yeah. And I hate to admit this, but I wore my Clay Matthews jersey. I wore it the first week, too. Then I took it off at halftime (last night) and things got better. I consider that a win. Well, not really because I'm not that psychotic. I'm never wearing it again. I think I'm going to have to burn it, which is blasphemy.

RB: You wore the Clay Matthews jersey in both losses this year? What were you thinking?

CL: And we went to the same bar that I watched the playoff game. Same bar that I watched Week 1. Week 2, I watched at home.

RB: Unbelievable. I think this is your fault. But the outcome is in stone. Any kind of justice you would like to see done?

CL: Get rid of the awful replacement refs.

RB: What was the mood at the bar. I would have loved to see it.

CL: Shock. It was all Packers fans … and everyone was yelling "you can't be serious." There were a few expletives. I think I said a few choice words myself. I wanted to throw my beer at the TV. I had just ordered another pitcher, and I just left. You know it's serious when I leave a pitcher of beer at the bar.