This knowledge, properly deployed, may earn you the reputation as a wizard. Cult of Mac:

Noticed a sudden drop in your WiFi speeds as the holiday season approaches? According to a new report from a telecom watchdog your ISP isn’t at fault. Blame your Christmas lights. The British telecommunications watchdog Ofcom claims that the number of complaints to Internet service providers spikes dramatically during the Christmas season thanks to electrical interference from festive lights that slow down Wi-Fi networks.

Specifically, the ones that do this.

PS: if the word "this" isn't doing anything, your browser probably blocks it because it's annoying. The inventor of the annoyance explains himself here

ARCHITORTURE This hotel is not for the claustrophobic:

Those are two rooms. The bathrooms are communal. The article says it's targeted at young travelers who live a "digital lifestyle," which is nonsense. Unless they are converted to 1s and 0s at the end of the night, put on a flash drive and tossed in the chamber. What they mean are "young people on a budget kicking around Europe," and in that case it's much, much better than a hostel. At least in my experience. In Rome we stayed in a barracks built for the 1940 Olympics - they didn't happen, due to the unpleasantness. It was a fascinating and slightly horrifying place, what with all the fascist architecture; big blank mean statues of idealized lunks with gas masks around their necks. But the rooms were damp and clammy and everyone snored.

KAWAII Amazon has a dog mascot. In Japan. He has Fire tablets for ears.

Question: is the arrow his smile? If not, what is it? It's like the Transogram logo, which confused me as a kid. Is that an eye? Or a nose? 

80s One of the cheddar pretenders that took on Goldfish: Quackers.

It's from this recollection of the 1987 airing of the Charlie Brown Christmas Special. The writer gushes over the commercials more than the show, and I understand; they have a potent appeal if they're from a particular time in your childhood. Kids born after 2010 probably won't have the same interest. Commercials are the things you skip before YouTube.