The Wild's jerseys for the Winter Classic — at New Year's Day game at Target Field with the St. Louis Blues as the opponent — were unveiled at the State Fair on Saturday by team captain Jared Spurgeon.

According to a team press release, the adidas jerseys were "designed to celebrate the state's rich hockey pedigree, the rivalry of the Twin Cities and its legacy as the State of Hockey."

The release said, "The base jersey design unites the St. Paul Saints look from the 1930s with the traditional Minnesota Wild color palette. The lettering, numbers, and other design elements on the jersey all come from those early hockey clubs that helped make Minnesota the 'State of Hockey.'

"The two stars in the crest are a reference to Gemini, the twins constellation. They represent the two cities – St. Paul and Minneapolis. ... Hockey's origins on ponds are reflected in the vintage white in the jersey, the canvas breezers inspiration in the pants and in the leather gloves. Canvas brown colored elbow patches represent long hours of wear and tear on beloved hockey gear.

"Heritage embellishments like felt are used on the cresting, name and numbers. A special narrowed and shaped yoke was developed to nail a 1930s and 1940s hockey aesthetic."

What do you think about the jerseys?