The Twins have been swept every time they have lost the first two games in a playoff series:

1969 ALCS Orioles 3, Twins 0

After two extra-inning losses in Baltimore, the Twins fell flat at home in an 11-2 loss.

1970 Orioles 3, Twins 0

Jim Palmer pitched a complete game vs. the Twins in Game 3 for the second year in a row.

2006 A’s 3, Twins 0

Brad Radke, after missing most of September, gave up four runs in his final MLB game.

2009 Yankees 3, Twins 0

Nick Punto got caught in a rundown as the tying run in the Twins’ final game at the Dome.

2010 Yankees 3, Twins 0

The lone time the Twins had home-field advantage vs. New York, not that it helped any.