Collectors from A to V

So if deltiologists collect postcards, what are other collecting specialists called? Here’s a short list of some collectors and their quests:

Collector Collectible

Arctophile teddy bears

Arenophile sand samples

Brandophilist cigar bands

Conchologist shells

Copoclephilist key rings

Discophile music records

Exlibrist bookplates

Falerist medals, badges

Heortologist religious calendars

Labeorphilist beer bottles, labels

Lotologist lottery tickets

Machirologist knives

Notaphilist paper money

Numismatist coins

Pannapictagraphist comic books

Philatelist stamps

Phillumenist matchbooks

Plangonologist dolls

Rabdophilist walking sticks

Scripophilist old stocks, bonds

Sucrologists sugar packets

Tegestologists beer coasters

Tyrosemiophile cheese labels

Vexillophiles flags