Like John Cusack's pop-culture addict in "High Fidelity," we at are all about making lists. At, our army of opinionated web users has contributed thousands of items to 581 lists covering a world of topics. In this issue, we present a July 2007 snapshot of our first year of listmaking. While most publications are satisfied with one or two examples of the best, we give you ten user favorites in each category. The best part? Lists are ever-evolving. If you don't like what you see here, go online and add your votes - or start your own damn list. Hooray, lists for everyone!

The List of Lists

Our Favorites →

  • Things I wish the Twin Cities had
  • Best songs to stick in your co-workers heads
  • Best places in the TC for people watching
  • Great places for a romantic date
  • Great Business Names
  • Where to go for great ice cream
  • Worst Places to Drink in the Cities

Music →

  • Best live rock music venues
  • CDs listened to so often that they need to be replaced
  • Greatest 80's Songs
  • Must-see local bands
  • Favorite workout tunes
  • Best songs to dance to
  • Best Place to Shake your Groove Thang

Dining →

  • Greatest places to eat in the Twin Cities
  • Best pizza
  • Best Burgers In Town
  • Delivery faves - what's on your refrigerator?
  • Best Sushi Restaurant
  • Veggie friendly, veggie-tastic!
  • Most Overrated Restaurants
  • Where to eat in the TC at 2 a.m.
  • Best Mexican food
  • Great Takeout
  • Best Italian food
  • Best bakery
  • Best Brunch

Bars →

  • Best bar. Period.
  • Best Neighborhood Bars!
  • Best Coffee Hangouts
  • Best Happy Hour
  • Favorite cocktail
  • Where to Get The Best Margarita in Town
  • Best Dive Bars

Movies →

  • Best movie theaters
  • Best Stoner Movies
  • Favorite Johnny Depp Movies
  • Favorite movies of all times
  • Best Movies From Childhood
  • Favorite Coen Brothers Films
  • Best movie theater popcorn and snacks

Fashion/The Scene →

  • Best local places to go clothes shopping
  • Favorite Online Clothes Shopping
  • Best Lookin' Boys
  • Hottest local boutique
  • Baddest Bitches
  • Best Male Socialite
  • Best Place to Buy Used Clothing

Neighborhoods →

  • Favorite Twin Cities Neighborhoods
  • Best Mpls Skyway Lunch Spots
  • Best suburb in the Twin Cities
  • Best things about St. Paul
  • New slogans for St. Paul
  • Best Dog Walking Spots / Dog Parks
  • Best Bar in Uptown

Minnesota →

  • Quintessential Minnesota
  • Best Minnesota Architecture
  • Quintessential St. Paul
  • Quintessential Minneapolis
  • Best Movies Made in Minnesota
  • Favorite Prince Songs
  • Worst movies made in Minnesota
  • Best songs about Minnesota

Media →

  • Best TV shows
  • Best Reality TV shows
  • Famous minnesotans
  • Tune-in: best radio stations
  • Best Local Blogs
  • Favorite books

Miscellaneous →

  • Things that defined my childhood
  • Favorite Elderly Woman Names
  • Would You Please Stop Saying:
  • Things to do on the bus commute
  • words i love
  • Soda vs. Pop
  • Best Art Galleries
  • Best Live Theatre Options

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