Former Hole drummer Patty Schemel might not seem like a big enough name to helm her own autobiographical documentary, but she was near ground zero for several major eruptions in rock music in the mid-90s: Kurt Cobain's death, Courtney Love's ascent and downward spiral, alt-rock's overblown commercialization and female rockers' long-overdue acceptance (still overdue?). All these subjects are addressed in the movie "Hit So Hard," which will be the centerpiece of the 12th annual Sound Unseen movie fest -- details of which were announced today.

The festival on movies about music is happening again Oct. 12-16 at both the Ritz Theater and Trylon Microcinema. Schemel herself will be on hand for the Sound Unseen screening Oct. 14 at the Ritz, also featuring a performance by Pink Mink. The other big local premier is at the Ritz on Oct 15:"The Other 'F' Word," a documentary on famous punk-rock dads, including Flea, Mark Hoppus (Blink-182), Mark Mothersbaugh (Devo) and Tony Hawk.

Other Sound Unseen 12 films will include "Sid & Nancy" (25th anniversary), "Better Than Something: Jay Reatard," the authorized Pulp documentary "The Beat Is the Law: Fanfare for the Common People," another on Split Lip Rayfield titled "Never Make It Home," and one called "A Drummer's Dream" that sounds like a drum nerd's answer to "It Might Get Loud." Click here for more details on the fest.