The Twitterverse was reporting disabled machines in Minneapolis right after the polls opened this morning.

Minneapolis City Clerk Casey Carl confirmed that the city is experiencing problems at a polling place in Lowry Hill, among a handful of others among the city's 117 precincts. He said his office has narrowed down the problem to one of three possible issues, and hopes to have them resolved soon. In the meantime, never fear, he said.

"Regardles of the appearance, or perception voters in precincts may have, no ballot will not be counted," he said. "We are accepting every ballot that is cast. We are using an auxiliary compartment on the machine, and ballots put in there will be run through a working machine later."

The city also has backup voting machines it can use in a pinch. These problems happen, he said, in spite of his office's best efforts. Elections, he said "are kind of like emergency management. You have  contingency after contingency after contingency."

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