OK, calm down. You were lured here under both true and false pretenses. See, you were probably thinking that meant the Wolves would take someone you might not have ever heard of with the No. 2 pick in the draft. CRAZY, right? David Kahn would never do that.

But really, that's not what we're talking about. We're talking about the Wolves' OTHER first-round pick, No. 20 overall. Motiejunas is a 7-footer from Lithuania. Some mocks have him going a little higher, but ESPN's Chad Ford (insider required for full text) thinks he might fall to the Wolves at 20. Not only that, he drops this bit of opinion on a fan base hungry for any morsel of good news: The Wolves have the best group of international scouts in the NBA.

Really, it's on the Internet. Even if you don't have insider privileges, we can vouch for it -- even if you might not have seen any evidence of it (yet) on the court.

As for the No. 2 pick, Derrick Williams is almost a mortal lock there. However, per Ford: I'm very confident Williams will go No. 2 -- I'm much less confident on which team will actually do the drafting.

Buckle up, Wolves fans. It's going to be an interesting ride up to and through the draft.