Welcome to the first semiregular edition of Troll Patrol, in which I respond to criticism of my latest columns.

Topic: Case Keenum excels.

I was wrong about Keenum's ability to beat the Bucs, and surprised at just how well he played.

That doesn't mean he is a better quarterback than Colin Kaepernick, or that future success should be assumed.

Keenum has played well in two-and three-game stretches before. He never has performed well for an entire season. What might give him a chance to succeed here where he has failed before is that the Vikings have a strong defense, two excellent receivers, a top-notch tight end and a talented back.

But I'll have to see a good, full month before I alter my overall opinion of him as a starter.

At least we can say he's better than Shaun Hill.

He did beat an NFL team with his arm.