Twins third baseman Josh Donaldson wasn't shy earlier this year about expressing himself on Twitter and calling out cheating pitchers.

On Tuesday, he hopped on Twitter for a different reason: Shooting the breeze and talking strategy during Game 1 of the World Series — a matchup between Atlanta, Donaldson's former team, and Houston, for whom accused Donaldson cheater Gerrit Cole pitched in 2018 and 2019.

Three exchanges showed off Donaldson's range: From insightful to insulting to amusing:

First, Donaldson asked a question of pitchers. It seemed like he was maybe just thinking out loud.

When you're an MLB hitter, though, you get actual responses from actual pitchers.

Brandon McCarthy said it's because pitchers realize they got lucky. "Like hitting a snap hook off a tree that ends up in the fairway. You're still mad at what you did," the former pitcher said.

Second, Donaldson was dishing it right back when fans tried to talk about his lack of playoff success.

But the best might have been a hilarious back-and-forth with Donaldson and two former Twins players.

At which point, former Twins pitcher Kyle Gibson entered the chat.

Plouffe tried to backpedal faster than a third baseman who suddenly realizes the bunt is off and a batter is swinging away. But Gibson let him off the hook.

It wasn't just Gibson. Donaldson in his career has a 1.339 OPS with 19 homers in just 162 at bats.

All in all, it was a nice accompaniment to a nine inning, 6-2 Atlanta win that took ... checks notes ... 4 hours and 6 minutes.

Give Donaldson and Plouffe their own Peyton/Eli Manning show already!