On the heels of Jim Souhan's column on Jose Canseco and how he should play for the St. Paul Saints -- Souhan interviewed him in Texas -- Canseco has taken up actively lobbying for a job with the Saints via Twitter. You can follow his whole stream here.

What do the Saints think? Well, we reached out to Sean Aronson, the team's director of media relations. Here's what he had to say: 

"This is obviously the first we are hearing about Canseco wanting to play for the Saints. We are extremely flattered that he sees the Saints as a great organization for him to continue his career. We have been in the process of signing players and our manager George Tsamis will continue signing players as we get ready for the season. We don’t want to let the rest of the league know which players we are speaking to at this time, so I can’t comment on whether we’re considering Mr. Canseco or not."

So he's saying there's a chance?

In any event, Canseco has a verified Twitter account with nearly half a million followers, so it's legit. This is a taste: