We're not going to let too many written words get in the way of the spoken ones from this segment on Monday night's MLB Tonight show on the MLB Network.

Suffice to say that former Baltimore infielder Bill Ripken was pretty worked up about the 10th inning call where replay umpires in New York overturned an out call at home plate and handed Toronto the go-ahead run in the 10th inning of its 3-2 victory over the Twins on Sunday.

If you're new to this hubbub, tap here for the backstory and a guide to the rules about blocking home plate.

Introducing his breakdown of the play, Ripken said about Twins manager Rocco Baldelli and his postgame criticism of the replay umpires: "I don't know if it's the worst call ever, like Rocco Baldelli was talking about. But I'm with Rocco Baldelli. I could not believe he was in that conversation postgame."

Then Ripken called for "an on-air production meeting" and broke down the video, providing colorful commentary along the way — and comparing what happened to the Twins to a similar play with a different outcome in a Sunday afternoon game between Tampa Bay and Detroit.

"Look at Gary looking down!" Ripken said. "He knows where he's set up! He's giving him a lane!"

The short version: The two plays left Ripken confused — and sure of one thing. The sum total of what happened Sunday will result in an increase in challenges about plays at the plate.

Let's settle in, hit the play button and watch the video from MLB Network: