Greetings from Target Center, where the Wolves will tip off with New Orleans in about 30 minutes. Here are a couple nuggets that came out of the pre-game pressers with the two coaches:

First of all, this: Wolves coach Flip Saunders said Kevin Garnett will not play tonight and likely won’t play in Wednesday’s season finale.

And he thinks Wolves fans should take this as good news. Saunders said that, if Garnett were to play Wednesday, it would be, essentially a good-bye appearance. The fact that he likely won’t play could mean Garnett has plans that include playing next season.

“I’ll say this: If he plays, to me, it would be an indication that he doesn’t want to play next year,” Saunders said. “I think he’s looking at this as more not being over. He doesn’t to do anything, in one or two games, that would jeopardize something that’s going to throw him back to not be able to really start and get ready (for next season).’’

Garnett – who threw out the first pitch for the Twins home opener Monday afternoon – has not spoken to the media, so we don’t have definitive word on whether he wants to play beyond this season.

To Flip, KG not playing Wednesday should be taken as a good sign.

Meanwhile, a couple other items:

--First, Jrue Holiday’s sore leg will keep him out of the lineup tonight for New Orleans.

--On the Wolves side, Kevin Martin will miss the game because of a stomach ailment. That means the Wolves will once again be casting about for players healthy enough to actually play.

--Ricky Rubio was scheduled to have diagnostic arthroscopic surgery on his left ankle Monday. But, as of game time, Saunders had not received word on how the procedure went or what it showed.