Homeowner Kristin Koopman shared her strategies for creating a uniquely personal home. Her house is No. 2 on the Homes by Architects Tour.

• Find an inspiration piece for a room, and go from there. It can be a granite countertop, artwork, fabric or great piece of furniture.

• Look through magazines and do research online, gathering photos of looks you like. The Koopmans have cabinetry in different areas modeled after inspirational photos.

• Keep the main color palette neutral, then incorporate pops of color in art and accent pieces. Koopman used pillows, gel artwork and glass accessories with purple hues in the master bedroom.

• Accent wallcoverings have endless possibilities, and the color and texture can bring a room to life.

• A room can be comfortable and beautiful. A perfectly designed piece of furniture is pleasing to the eye and to the touch.

• Living on a Lake Minnetonka bay gives the Koopmans a picturesque backdrop. Their outdoor areas take advantage of the views, and they added an outdoor fireplace and drop-down screens to maximize nature time.

• Make decor choices that speak to you. It’s your home, and it should be a reflection of you and your family.

Lynn Underwood