Frustrated Delta Air Lines travelers waited in long lines at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport on Wednesday evening when a technical problem caused widespread delays across the country.

The airline said customers trying to book tickets, check in and board flights were experiencing problems.

“Flights are continuing to depart, albeit at a slower pace than normal and some flights are delayed as a result,” the airline said Wednesday evening.

Delta provided waivers for customers flying to, from or through its headquarters in Atlanta.

In a statement around 8:30 p.m., Delta said the problem was resolved but said delays might continue: “While we expect flight delays to extend into the evening at some of our busiest domestic hubs due to this issue and weather, we do not expect any technology-related cancellations.”

Flights out of MSP to Dallas, Newark, New York and Chicago were delayed 1 to 3 hours due to weather.

Earlier at MSP, a major hub for the airline, at least eight outbound flights were delayed, said airport spokesman Patrick Hogan. No inbound flight delays or cancellations were reported.

Irked passengers sounded off on Twitter by posting pictures of long lines outside the Delta check-in counter that stretched well back into the terminal. “I’ve never seen lines this long for bags in the 24 years I’ve been coming to this airport,” one woman tweeted.