i09’s TOYLAND blog spotlights a Star Trek pool chair. This photo highlights a peculiar design decision, one that required all the legal skills Elisha Cook Jr. could muster:

The JETTISON POD button made its first and only appearance as a plot point in the TOS ep “Court Martial.” It used to prove that Kirk intentionally sent a fellow to a cold space death. There was video evidence of his kirkly finger stabbing the button. It looked grim. But if Kirk had lost the case he would have a good lawsuit against the designers, because what sense does it make to put the JETTISON POD button right there? Was that really the third top-priority button to have? I’m thinking of all the times Kirk punched the arm of the chair; did he jettison a pod every time? Drat - I meant to sound the yellow alert. Hope there wasn’t anyone in the pod.

Speaking of Trek items: you can give your dog a transporter pad bed, which is cute.

Years ago in DC when the Smithsonian had a press tour for the Star Trek exhibit, I got to stand on a real transporter-pad glass. In the presence of James Doohan. What do you say in a situation like that? Beam Me Down? No. 

Or you can make the dog wonder what it did to deserve this.

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